Kitchen Design

We look forward to helping you find your best fitting kitchen.

May that be your dream kitchen, or your 'best for now' kitchen, or your 'low budget but sturdy' kitchen for your rental, we promise to give you 100%, whatever your need is.

We are not only working with an established kitchen cabinet company, but also have a team of experienced installers of all trades, who we have been working with for years.

We will help you with your:

  • layout
  • cabinets
  • colour & style
  • backsplash
  • countertops
  • faucets & sinks
  • appliances
  • & your whole renovation


taking an outdated kitchen and with the help

of colour update and brighten up the whole space.

We changed the wall and cabinet colour as well as:

- countertops & sink

- backsplash

- cabinet hardware

- lighting